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Obedience Training Programs

4 to 5 Week Program

This is a two-phase training program. The first phase is teaching the commands both on and off leash which include sit, down, heel, come, and the place command. All commands are taught with an implied stay. Additional commands taught are "kennel" and "drop it". Through the obedience training we work on behavioral problems you are having including giving dogs commands during intense distractions. This training program works at the pace of the dog's ability and comprehension. Through the training your dog will get a solid understanding of the word "No" which allows you to communicate with them what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. This training program is more extensive and allows for a better comprehension and overall education while mastering the commands. The second phase of the training is instructing you on how to handle your trained dog and reinforce the commands taught. (Includes training collar, leash, mutt mat for place command, go home lesson with one follow up lesson if needed, and a DVD of your dog demonstrating their training.)

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