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Reviews & Testimonies

German Shepherd training

We highly recommend the Dulebohn's. They did an AMAZING job with our 9 month old German Shepherd Barney. It was hard to not see him for 2 weeks but SOOO worth it.

Kendra DeLong,
- Barney, 9 Month Old German Shepherd

beagle training

They did an amazing job with our 1 year old beagle! I would highly recommend!!

Brooke Frilling,
- Snoopy, 1 Year Old Beagle

bingo, golden doodle, training

I can’t say enough good things about the this. Our dog was a handful of puppy. You can tell that they love animals and care about your pet. Our dog came home a whole different pet, in a good way. They went above and beyond to make sure he was ready to be back with us and to ensure we knew how to continue to work with our pet. Our dog has not chewed anything that we haven’t given him, he has not jumped on anyone, or anything. He hasn’t had any accidents. He walks on a lease goes into a kennel and much more. It truly has made our home with a pet better.

Rachel Meyers,
- Bingo, 6 Month Old Pyrne-Poodle

louie, chocolate lab

Extremely pleased with the way the Dulebohn family trained Louie. He was there for 5 weeks, which was very hard to do for obvious reason, but very worth it when everything was said and done. They do explain to you when you pick your dog up that you have to work with them as well to aid in the transition period, as you were not the one training the dog. The day you pick your dog up you get to spend a little over an hour learning how to stick with the commands so your dog will eventually learn to respect you as well. Our experience was great and I would highly recommend to any family who is struggling with their dog!

Zoe Morse,
- Louie, 1 Year Old Chocolate Lab

Linus, American Bulldog training

Just over 5 weeks ago we dropped Linus, our boxer, off with the Dulebohns. This was one of the hardest things we have had to do since getting Linus. However, my husband and I have quickly realized that this has been the best choice we have made with him. When we dropped him off, Linus rarely listened to commands and was very reactive toward other dogs. Since picking him up, he has not even barked at another dog and we are able to walk into another room knowing that he will follow any command given. The Dulebohns were also willing to give full updates on Linus anytime we asked, and they walked us through all of the commands he learned in his time there. Dulebohn's has truly been a game changer for our family!

Christi Lee,
- Linus, 3 Year Old Boxer

dino, German shepherd training

After having Dino for almost a week I have totally fallen for this dog. He's gentle, smart, respectful and follows his commands both on leash and off despite s...ome distractions from my other shepherd and grandkids. He is learning fast some extra manners that I want my dogs to follow. Manners such as waiting to come inside so there's less chance of knocking someone over, and waiting to eat until given a command. I can't say enough about the training. After having seen some wild untrained dogs I would recommend this training facility to anyone!!

Carol Zimmerman,
- Dino, 2 Year Old German Shepherd

Anna, German Shepherd

I have (currently) a 7 month old pure bred German Shepherd with the personality of a sassy 2 year old child. Before her training, Annabelle is her name, was crazy with people and dogs. She jumped on people... all the time, wouldn't listen, and just plain out was crazy! After training I saw an instant difference in both her behavior and how she reacted. She was still a puppy full of life, but she went from a sassy 2 year old toddler to becoming a mature senior in highschool. I'd have to say the biggest difference I've noticed was taking her on walks. She used to bite at my ankles, drag me, and would even lay down not even mod way through our walk. Now she walks right beside me with little effort needed to keep her in control, at 7 months!!! They did a great job at keeping care of her while she was gone and are such down to earth people. So if you have a puppy or dog that needs some training, I HIGHLY reccomend taking Dulebohn Dog Training.

Alex Bryars,
- Annabelle, 7 Month Old German Shepherd

Stark & Arya, training

We'll take all of our dogs here for training in the future. They're not only very professional but very caring towards the dogs they're training.

Ken Pompora,
- Stark & Arya, 8 Month Old German Shepherds

Dog training

We were reluctant to part with Sadie for 5 weeks, but knew that she needed some fine-tuning and it was beyond us to know where to start. I had heard great things about Dulebohn Dog Training, and after following them on FB for a while, became confident that they could help us. While good with basic commands, Sadie was a chore to take on walks and play ball with (since she refused to release the ball when she returned). The time she was away passed quickly, and we could not be more pleased with the result! When Sadie returned home, Dulebohns worked with our family to teach us the commands and how to use them. We play ball with Sadie every evening, and go for walks frequently now. We were unaware when we sent her what a blessing it would turn out to be!
Thank you!
Shawn & Jen Egbert

Shawn and Jenni Egbert,
- Sadie, 10 Month Old Dutch Shepherd

Cooper, dog training

Tyler Did an amazing job with cooper. Cooper wouldn't listen, always jumping on people. He needed help in many areas. The day of pick up I was amazed how cooper was, a totally different dog. It was really nice how Tyler took the time to show us what we needed to do to keep cooper moving forward. Cooper been home a few weeks now and he is still doing great. I would highly recommend Dulebohn Dog Training, its well worth the money. Thank you again Tyler. We are very happy what you done with Cooper.

Eric Langenkamp,
- Cooper, 3 Year Old German Shepherd

German shepherd training

I will always take all of my future dogs here. They did an excellent job with my little man Thor. If you need your dog trained go with the Dulebohn's. It is absolutely worth it!!!!

Destinee Annie Kay Applin,
- Thor, 1 Year Old German Shepherd

deacon, dog training

We took our one year old german shepherd, Deacon, to the Dulebohn's to be trained. He was very unruly before the training, but now he is like a totally different dog. Highly recommend.

Jacob Wachauf,
- Deacon, 1 Year Old German Shepherd

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